A Personal Project with Blurb Books


Blurb Books reached out to me few weeks ago and asked if I'd be interested in creating a photobook with them. They didn't know this, but I've been their (loyal) customer since I started became a professional photographer years ago - I'd use their book printing service for my clients as well as my own portfolio. So, without hesitation, I said "yes!"

What I love most about Blurb Books is that their software is extremely easy to use. With the wide range of templates I can finish designing one book in less than an hour. That is real important to me because as a working mom I have very little time to figure out and learn a new software. My only time spent was choosing the images and that's the fun part which I like!

Another reason why I'd recommend this company is their printing quality - from colors to paper, I've never been disappointed. This recent book I made, with my film photos, I didn't need to do any color correction; just drag and drop photos and that's it!

(Get a preview of what my photobook looks like!)

Little bit about the book I made. For years, I've traveled to many cities for work and majority of the time I was alone. Being away from my daughter was difficult enough, but I was also going through some personal healing process and transformation. Work helped take my attention off of some hard things, but when I was off work I would walk around alone with a film camera in hand (usually a half frame toy camera that doesn't require much thinking) and I just observed and snapped pictures. So this book is a collection of some of my favorite images during that meaningful time.

*Many thanks to Blurb Books for sponsoring this project. It was such a treat to work with them again!