Simple Recipe: Steamed Clams

Summer is coming to an end and ZICO happened to ask if I'd be interested in coming up with some recipes that could include their chilled coconut water. Since it is something so light and pure (it's 100% chilled coconut water with no added sugar!), I decided to use it for something simple that doesn't require much time to cook to preserve the freshness of the coconut water and other ingredients. Steamed clams is one of my favorite dishes and it's super easy to make - perfect as an appetizer or main course.

Steamed Clams with ZICO Chilled Coconut Water and Sake

2-3 dozen hard shell clams (clean and scrub the outer shells well)
2 tablespoons olive oil
6-9 cloves of garlic (peeled and minced)
1 cup ZICO chilled coconut water
1 cup sake
1/4 cup of parsley (chopped)
pinch of salt and pepper

via B for Bonnie, photo by Bonnie Tsang
via B for Bonnie, photo by Bonnie Tsang

Use only firmly shut clams

Heat olive oil in a pot on medium heat, put in garlic and saute for 3-5 minutes or until slightly brown.

Pour in coconut water and sake, then turn up the heat to high. Add clams and close the lid for about 5-6 minutes, then shake the pot few times without opening the lid to make sure clams are able to open up.

via B for Bonnie, photo by Bonnie Tsang

Turn off the the fire, remove clams with a slotted spoon (discard clams that did not open) to a big shallow bowl. Add parsley, salt and pepper to broth, then pour broth over the clams.

*This dish can be served with baguette, dinner rolls or steamed rice. To make it more "summer-ie", try chilling the broth in the fridge for few hours and turn it into a cold dish.

via B for Bonnie, photo by Bonnie Tsang

Little City Guide with GapKids

Bonnie Tsang x GapKids for Little City Guides

Partnering with GapKids to share our little city guide, where Miss V and I usually go to during Summer.

Every beginning of our summer vacation we'd celebrate with a feast at Bottega Louie. This summer is extra special because my Miss V just graduated from elementary school!

We love spending the day at LACMA - it has modern art that I like and classical art that Miss V likes.

Summer gets HOT in L.A. and Miss V and I love hopping into Sweet Rose Creamery for a big scoop of mint chips ice cream whenever we can.

GMC Yukon x Mono Lake

Bonnie Tsang x GMC Yukon

*This post is sponsored by GMC. All opinions and thoughts about the brand are my own.

Last month, I had the fortune to test drive the GMC Yukon.  To fully test how great the car is, I took my family and friends on a road trip to Mono Lake, one of my favorite places on earth.

We got up early and packed the trunk with nearly everything from the house, not to mention the camera equipments that both my Dad and I have (we're both photographers).  During the Fall season, the drive to Mono Lake is especially gorgeous - trees were full of lush green and yellow, the air was extra crisp and fresh and the sky was clear.  At first, I was a little nervous driving such a big car, but once I got the hang of it and know where all the buttons and knobs are, it was smooth drive all the way.  My family was happy with how comfortable and spacious the seats were.

When we got to Mono Lake, it was near sunset time.  We stopped by the lake for some pictures and didn't stay long as we wanted to relax and warm up at the rental home.  The next morning, we took our time to get up, spent longer time to enjoy breakfast, then we drove around to different lakes in the area, such as the June Lake.  By late afternoon, we went to Bodie Ghost Town, which was one of the most amazing places I've ever been to.  Words cannot describe how excited we all were when we saw what was left there.  (By the way, thankful for the Yukon that we were able to drive through the dirt road with no problem!)  The next day we all got up super early because we wanted to catch the sunrise at Mono Lake and we did.  It was something I always wanted to experience.  After that, we had a quick breakfast and then spent the rest of the day driving through Yosemite.

We all agreed what a great road trip that was and wanted to do it all over again!

Golden Coast Glamour


*This post was sponsored by St. John. All opinions and thoughts about the brand are my own.

As a mom and a business woman, I like to dress simple, yet sophisticated. St. John Knits effortless and refined style parallels with mine. The luxury brand, which is based in California, is known for its commitment to quality. The wool, in-house dyeing and hand sewn embellishments are all in highest quality. For me, I enjoy living a high quality life playing different roles everyday - I'm a photographer, an entrepreneur, a daughter, a friend... It's important for me to dress for the part and St. John Knits helps me achieve that.

Bonnie Tsang wearing St. John Knits

As a photographer, I usually dress real casual when I'm on the job. However, when I'm having lunch meeting with a client, I like to dress sophisticated with my St. John Knits jacket.

Bonnie Tsang wearing St. John Knits

I have a busy schedule, but I'll always make time for coffee with a friend for some meaningful conversations.  Wearing my St. John Knits cardigan and pair with navy shell and white jeans.

Bonnie Tsang is wearing St. John Knits

Celebrating after a year of hard work.  I put on something shimmering from St. John Knits and look forward to the holiday party with the people I love.


*For more St. John Knits looks, take a look at my Pinterest board collaboration with them here.*

Styld.by - Me, Part Four

Bonnie Tsang wearing Gap for Styld.by

Gap asked me to share how I'd wear their pullover at styld.by.  When I am on location shoots, I normally dress very casual (tees and jeans), but when I can I'd put on a skirt and be little more feminine.  See more of my styles here.

Styld.by - Me, Part Three

Bonnie Tsang wearing Gap for Styld.by
Bonnie Tsang wearing Gap for Styld.by

Gap asked me to share how I'd wear their wool sweater at styld.by.  I like to dress casual and cozy (especially during the Fall).  On a Sunday, I'd put on a chunky sweater and a long flowy skirt for brunch date with friends.  See more of my styles here.

Styld.by - Me, Part Two

Bonnie Tsang for Styld.by for Gap
Bonnie Tsang on Styld.by for Gap

Gap asked me to share how I'd wear their crewneck sweater at styld.by.  As a mother and a business owner, I often play different roles on a daily basis - I take my daughter to school, then I'm back to my home office to take conference calls.  I like to dress simple, but also want to look put-together wherever I'm at.  See more of my styles here.

Styld.by - Me, Part One

Bonnie Tsang for Styld.by with Gap.
Bonnie Tsang for Style.by with Gap.

Gap asked me to share how I'd wear their simple white shirt at styld.by.  For me, when I have a busy day ahead of me, which includes meetings with clients, then I'd wear a simple white shirt pair with black jeans - it's classic and effortless.  See more of my styles here.

Small Talk - Life Is Good


As I was starting my career as a photographer, I would say yes to every opportunity and every chance to meet new people in the industry.  I got real busy very fast.  And the busyness, thankfully, lasted few years until one March day of last year...  I was in San Francisco working on a photoshoot, which throughout the day I had to walk up and down a steep hill several times in my high heel boots (not smart, I know) to feed the parking meter.  After third or forth time, I was walking up the street and suddenly I felt the need to stop everything that I was doing - work, social media, travel, calendar filled with appointments...  

I took a whole month off in last year's March.  I didn't get on social media (except posting one Instagram photo a day to document my little journey), I didn't check email, I disconnected from most people, I took a 30-day bible study program, read many books, wrote many words in my journal and was frightening, but freeing at the same time.  I felt great, first time I gave myself time off and just... getting to know myself all over again.  As my time off got closed to being over, I got into a very bad car accident and I laid in bed for nearly a month.  Wow, if you really really want to hear all of your inner voices this is the way to go - stuck in bed, not able to move a muscle, not sure if the body would heal.  Many many thoughts in the head that took a lot of courage to have faith.

The amazing thing about those two months was that I realized I had spent many of my days building a career, chasing after something that satisfied the ego, that everything was very outward.  I never paid attention to what I need on the inside.  "What does Bonnie need?"  I constantly ask myself that now, but I seem to have no answer.  I tried to go back to how I used to live life, being busy, I thought maybe I can do it smarter now.  But no, actually, I can't go back.  That world seems so small and unreal now.  So for the past year I didn't really work, didn't feel creative, didn't really pick up the camera to shoot.  I do get worried sometimes, what if I become a useless person or lose my career or lose everything...?!

Today though, I tell myself this - "Your life is good.  You've had few bumps here and there, but you still have a lot of good things in your life.  It's not that you can't create or you suck, it's just that you're feeling your next direction and it's ok if you don't feel it now.  You are taking your time, you're being careful, because you want to look back one day and be able to say, 'That was good.'  Don't think about other people's approval, just do it your way and live it."  I'm letting go of trying to be in control of everything.  :)

How about you?  Have you been stuck on a crossroad before?

TEN - Carry On


Ten things I need for my plane ride -

Sunglasses: I prefer a pair of cool shades than eye mask, which I can still peek around at my surrounding.

Power Card: That moment when my phone is running out of battery and have to look everywhere to charge up.

Reading Material: I rarely have time to sit still to read a book, so I like to take advantage of long flights.  For my recent London trip (10-11 hours flight from L.A.), I brought Meditations by Marcus Aurelius.

Comfy Pants: The idea of a cotton dress sounds good on a long flight, but (knock on wood) I don't want to have to worry about covering my bottom if I have to jump out of the plane.

Chunky Knit Cardigan or Sweater: Instead of suffering the cold air and have to rely on the thin airline blanket, I wear big sweater as if I'm being wrapped up by my comfy blanket at home minus the clumsiness of carrying an actual blanket.

Organizer: Passport, I.D. cards, credit cards, cash, plane ticket, tickets to events at destination, pen, important phone numbers... all in one place.  Sometimes I don't have time to dig around the bag, the purse and the wallet.

Sneakers: Comfortable and easy to put on and take off.

Scarf: One that is large and lightweight.  To prevent from catching a cold due to cold air, I always wear a scarf to protect the back of my neck (it works!).

Adapter: For in case my luggage is delayed in arrival or lost when I travel oversea.

Canvas Bag: With lots of pockets and compartments that I can put by my feet, I like things within reach.

Everypost App


Over the past weekend, I thought to myself, "How nice it'd be to have an app that'll post messages and pictures to all of the social media platforms at once, so I don't have to do it multiple times."  I quickly did a search, found Everypost, tried it out few times and now I have to tell everyone about it. 

I like that the app is simple to use (it took me just few minutes to get the hang of it) and, of course, saved me so much time.  I also like that I get to choose to post either on my personal facebook page or business page or both.  I recently started posting more on Google+ too, which according to the app there might be issue with syncing the two together, but that also took me just a minute to fix (see explanation here).

If you're on almost all of most popular social media platforms like I do, definitely check this app out.

Lory Stripes App


As if we don't spend long enough time processing an iPhone picture already, here's an app to make your Instagram pictures even more fun - Lory Stripes. I started out as a graphic designer, so that side of me quickly got addicted to the app. There's a lot you can do in customizing the stripes (actually, they look more like ribbons to me), so be sure to watch their promo video for ideas.

*images by Bonnie Tsang

Ten Years of Parenthood


Today is a special day because my daughter, Venise, turns ten years old, which means today is also my tenth anniversary of being a parent.  Shall we throw confetti?  ;)  The past ten years had been difficult.  Not difficult in terms of raising my child, but difficult in terms of figuring myself out which directly links to what kind of mom I am.  And that required many many twisting, turning and reshaping...

I grew up with a mom who is very dedicated.  She worked a fulltime job, came home and she'd be busy making dinner, by the evening it was all about homework.  She worked hard and gave out a lot to the family, always making sure to provide my siblings and I with the best things - it's with the best, most loving intention and a traditional Asian culture thinking of motherhood that "you must sacrifice, you must suffer, your kids get the best things and you can no longer think about your own well being."  And I grew up with that, so naturally I became that "sacrifice it all" type of mom too.  It's not anything good or bad, it's just I quickly became unhappy and realized it wasn't something suitable to me.

When Venise was born, I told my ex-husband, "I am going to be a stay-at-home mom.  If I am having a child, I'm going to dedicate my all.  Otherwise, why have a kid?"  For the first year, I was out of touch with the outside world.  My main and only focus was my daughter and all I knew was Barney, Dora The Explorer, kids songs, baby talk...  Slowly, I'd look forward to weekends, which is when my ex-husband could take us out and maybe explore the world.  Unfortunately, I'm the type that loves to go out to see the world while my he is the type that likes to stay home and do house chores.  After many weekends of disappointments (sounds silly, but when you built an excitement for over five days and suddenly all plans were dropped by sixth day, doing that on a weekly basis, the disappointments were more than just "aw, we're not going out?"), I slowly gave up the idea that the person I married to would be someone that will go explore and see the world with me.  During that time, I tried to have a small online business and also developed a hobby - photography.  It was my way of "getting out" of the daily mom duties for brief moments.  Eventually, my brother said to me, "You should get on Flickr."  I didn't know what it was, but I joined anyway.  I started posting photos of Venise, things that happened at home, the sky, the lawn... and I got to "meet" many people from around the world.  One person that I slowly became friends with said to me one day, "I grew up with a mom that was so unhappy and I was never happy. She wasn't happy in her marriage, but she stayed because she thought that's the right thing to do.  I would much rather she chose happiness because at least I might grow up with a happy mom."  What she said helped so much during those tough times toward the end of my marriage.  I was not happy, I became unfriendly, I was always upset about something and that's when I realized - if I wasn't happy, then I couldn't provide happiness for my child.

Divorce.  What I didn't anticipate was how lonely the road toward that decision could be.  My family and my closest friends were all against the idea.  What they saw was that I married to a nice guy, I had a nice little family, "Oh, you have to stay married for Venise!"  I was beyond disappointed that no one was on my side and some friends even stopped talking to me.  How crazy, huh?  It's crazy that people want you to live according to their ideal life.  Everyone was against me, but my little girl was my big supporter.  She knew nothing about what's going on, she was only one, but she would give me big hugs when tears were falling from my eyes.

After the divorce, there was about a year of getting used to share custody, went back to the real world and got a 9 to 5 job, started dating again...  Shortly after that, my ex-husband said to me one day when I was picking Venise up from his place, "I don't think I can see her anymore."  I was puzzled, "Wait, what do you mean?"  He responded, "I just can't.  It's hard for me to see her."  I was in shocked that I didn't know what to say, "Well..., what about.... once a year?"  "No, I don't think that's a good idea." he said.  While we discussed that, Venise was in the car with the door wide opened and probably heard what we said (bad part of me for not thinking straight and close the door!).  When the discussion was over, I got into the car and Venise, in the back seat munching her tiny bag of french fries, said to me, "Let's go, Mommy."  Little did I know, our little adventure had begun.

For a year or so, I was working fulltime at a corporate company and trying to build a photography portfolio.  At that time, my only thought on photography was a possible way to bring in extra income and didn't think much of it.  Venise was happy at her preschool.  Things were going well.  However, this is the age when other parents start to "attack" you the most, with all of their how you should do things, what you should do and "why are you doing that?!"  I'm probably the type of mom that most people wouldn't approve of.  Oh, potty training?  I'll just let her take her time.  Pacifier?  She'll eventually stop using it.  Don't use bottle?  She'll discover cups one day and she'll lose interest of the bottle.  To me, a lot of things we use which we MUST learn are all just inventions by humans.  I didn't want to push my little girl to HAVE to learn what we created.  Since Venise was little, I respect her with her pace.  When she's ready, she'll be ready.  I want her to learn to build trust and confident on her own and not by pressure.  This kind of respect has helped me so much with parenting.  It is never about me, but about guiding her from what I learned and let her decide her own path.  Back to those "attackers", I had to remove myself from them.  How good of a friend could they be when they didn't allow me the freedom to be the mom I wanted to be?

While things were going great, my relationship with a long term boyfriend was not.  Five years ago, I felt comfortable enough to pursuit photography fulltime.  I became real busy, juggling with work and taking care of Venise.  However, there wasn't room to keep up with the relationship.  On top of being busy, maintaining a romantic relationship with someone who wasn't quite ready to have Venise in his life had became impossible to keep up.  As difficult as it was, I had made the decision to end a 4-year relationship.  Oh gosh, I was so sad and depressed.  It took a long time to get over.  I would hide and cry, and Venise would be by my side.  I said to her sadly, "Oh Venise, I miss him a lot."  She said to me, she was five at the time, "It's ok to miss him, Mommy.  You just need to get a life."  How profound!  At the same time I couldn't stop laughing because she was so right.  She continued, "Someday, when he is happy with himself, we will open the door for him again."  That statement of hers, I believe came from her experience with her dad because during that time my ex-husband had returned to reunite with Venise.  Now looking back, I finally understand it was necessary for him to be away from Venise's life for few years.  It was good for him to have alone time and to return as a better dad.  And Venise saw that - "Someday, when he is happy with himself, we will open the door for him again."  And this was a huge life lesson for me that everything happens for a reason.

For the past four years, I began to work on myself - how to love myself, how to have compassion, learn to have patient.  At the same time, I also started meeting many women business owners whom are so inspiring at what they do - a mom, a wife, a friend and running a business.  Through those friendships, I've learned a lot and slowly started to try finding the mom I am suppose to be.  Clean the house every night?  Nah... not me at all.  Baking upside down pineapple cake while making dinner?  Um... I don't cook.  Let's do craft!  My fingers don't listen to me and I can't sit still.  I tried many many things, I shape-shifted many many times, but by doing that I figured out myself more and more.  It's only a year or so ago that I finally came to term that - I'll never be a tidy mom, I'll never be the one that stand by the stove all day, I'll never have enough patience to sit still for an art project and that's ok because I'm the mom that loves to travel, to see the world, try new things and meet new friends. 

Today, celebrating my tenth anniversary with my best friend, Venise, I'm more sure of who I am, I'm a happier person (not to say I don't have emotional times) and I'm thankful.

*Much love and thanks to the family and friends whom have been there for this constant soul-searching mom and her little wise daughter.  I couldn't do it without anyone who has/had been in our lives, even for just a short time.

Work In Progress


Finally got back into putting my office and library/conference room together.  Certainly a lot of work and the progress is slow, but it's a lot of fun to see how things are coming together.

*images from my Instagram

Moment of Slience


Life is on such fast pace now and we are playing many roles (daughter, mother, friend, business owner...) a day that we hardly give ourselves time to breathe.  Sometimes I'd spend a minute or two in the garage before I walk into the house.  That little breather makes such a big difference.

*image from my Instagram