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        1. 86-516-83303807  service@palarich.com

          About Us

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           Jiangsu Palarich Food Co., Ltd, with registered capital RMB 62 million (About USD 10 million), we are engaged in production, R&D, and trading of fruit & vegetable dehydration and real fruit chocolate. The factory is located in Xuzhou city, Jiangsu province and it takes 2.5 hours from Shanghai to Xuzhou city by bullet train.

                        Palarichis constituted of palatable and enrich. It means Palarich products have rich nutrition and taste delicious.  We are committed to lead a healthier lifestyle and provide healthier choices in everyone daily life by a simple and fun way.


          We are very glad to share with you that "Palarich" brand is awarded as Famous Brand of Jiangsu Province since 2014.  Since company established in 2009, we has been realized to do maximum protection and brand promotion of our own brand "palarich". As a registered trademark through 22 countries by Madrid trademark registration, it includes Australia, Germany, Spain, France, Britain, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, Poland, Russia, Singapore and the United States. There are 15 currently approved countries, like USA and Japan.


          Palarich products have been exported to more than 30 countries in Europe, Australia, South /North America and Asia.  Welcome you to be with us to promote health snack in near future.

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