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        1. 86-516-83303807  service@palarich.com

          Palarich,who we are?

          Health snack pioneer

          Families are always looking for ways to lead a healthier lifestyle. All fruit crisps we produced are Non-additive, Non- Preservatives, Non-artificial color, Non-artificial flavor, Non-fried, Gluten-Free. It is totally health snack.

          Why choose palarich?

          Palarich, we strive to provider healthier choices for people daily life in a simple and fun way.

          We promise each bag of our fruit crisps is NO- Additives, NO-Preservatives, NON-Fried, Gluten-Free, just healthy fruit.

          Palarich is committed to research and application of fruit & vegetable crisps, we try to improve consumers' eating experience of fruit, you will be surprised on your first bite.

          Palarich fruit crisps as health ingredient, it will help you to create various health food products. Just free your imagine.

          Palarich dehydration technology is unique and patented leading dehydration technology. It is worth to try it.

          LMD(low-temperature mixed drying) seven advantages

          Palarich choose the original global leading LMD(low-temperature mixed drying)technology. This technology maximizes preserve nutrition and flavor of fruit & vegetable with unexpected taste on your first bite.

          Cooperate brand


          100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
          If you have any questions or problems with any of our products, customer service, please let us know. We will do whatever it takes to make you satisfied.


          Thanks for visiting our website. For further information,
          please contact us by below ways.


                                                    DEVELOPMENT ZONE, XUZHOU, JIANGSU, CHINA 221116



          E-mail:palarich@palarich.com,apple@palarich.com, banana@palarich.com


          Leave message

          Thanks for visiting our website.If you have further information or need our service,please leave us message or contact us by email/phone.We appreciate your questions.

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