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        1. 86-516-83303807  service@palarich.com


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          Health fruit &vegetable crisps product supplier

          LMD fruit crisps is ready-to-eat snack, and it can be used as food ingredients because of easy-storage, no additive and long shelf life.

          -We can deliver you products by retail package of Palarich brand or OEM with your private logo.

          - We can deliver you products by bulk package.

          The whole solution of fruit & vegetable dehydration and processing technology supplier

          LMD technology is a leading patented dehydration technology, which is developed on the basis of air dry and freeze dry technology. We are happy to provide you the whole solution of fruit dehydration chain if you are located in fruit growing area and committed to provide health food to people all over the world.. 

          -Cooperated by LMD technology transfer, to upgrade traditional dehydration industry.

          Cooperation brand

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