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          Homemade dried fruit - irresistible temptation

          Food to the people, food to safety for the first! Food safety has become a global problem, so "self-made" has become a popular, like Germany, France, Canada, Japan and other developed countries and Taiwan, Hong …



          GLOBALG.A.P. Releases Guide for FSMA

          GLOBALG.A.P. has now published a new guide for compliance with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).The GLOBALG.A.P. User’s Guide and Self Assessment for FSMA Produce Safety Rule Compliance supports Integrated Farm A…



          Fruit dry and nutritious?

          Some people say that dry fruit without nutrition, are lost out, in fact, not entirely right.Fruit dried into the dried fruit is mainly after the loss of water, as well as vitamins, but because of the concentration of nutr…



          The therapeutic effect of banana slices

          Elimination of edema: Banana tablets contain a lot of protein and minerals, often eat can play to maintain the body balance of sodium and potassium, diuretic swelling of the role of regulating blood pressure. Supplementar…

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