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          Fruit dry and nutritious?
          Release time:2016/12/19 15:52:14      Clicks:3320

          Some people say that dry fruit without nutrition, are lost out, in fact, not entirely right.

          Fruit dried into the dried fruit is mainly after the loss of water, as well as vitamins, but because of the concentration of nutrients, the 100 grams per unit of change in the more. Jujube, dried apricot, dried figs, prunes, raisins, dried grapes, etc., are very good dried fruit, eat a little, can help the body to add potassium, iron, calcium and other minerals and dietary fiber.

          For patients with hyperglycemia (diabetes), in the side with a point of fruit juice or dried fruit can be added when appropriate, to avoid the prevention of dizziness, palpitations, fatigue and other "hypoglycemic response" and so on.

          Raisins reduce water by 7.6 times compared to grapes, while the energy is 7.9 times the grape, protein, fat, cellulose, respectively, 524 times concentrated, while the carbohydrate is 8 times, but its all kinds of vitamins left, in addition to zinc content There is no change, the other kinds of minerals have increased many times.

          So it seems the fruit is not no merit.

          Unless a special person in very special circumstances will need. For example, such as astronauts, special forces personnel, conditions, can not intake of fresh fruit will choose to dry fruit to supplement the nutrients in a variety of fruits, such as a lot of adventure load, there is no way to bring fresh fruit. For ordinary people, if it is what kind of fresh fruit can not eat, want to try its taste when a small amount of eating is also harmless.

          In addition, we may know that preserved fruit and candied fruit is made of raw materials, after a long period of sugar, finished sugar content of 60% or more, showing a translucent and sticky state, due to sugar osmotic pressure Very high, with the role of inhibition of bacterial reproduction, so they can be stored at room temperature without corruption. Ordinary people can eat a very small amount of fruit, and dried fruit than candied fruit much better.

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