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          Six diseases, suitable for consumption of six kinds of dried fruit
          Release time:2017/2/7 15:02:39      Clicks:3407

          Dried fruit must be a healthy diet that we all like very much. The dried fruit is not only nutritious, but also easier to preserve and more convenient to carry than the fruit. It is our daily nutritious snack. As everyone knows, according to different physical and disease state, we also need to eat fruit dry when the selective. Some fruit dry food nutrition, can be a good condition to alleviate the following, we come to you, suitable for patients to eat fruit dry, so you eat snacks at the same time, more health treatment.

          1, anemia: dried fig

          Eat 4 figs a day to meet a quarter of the daily iron demand, help to prevent anemia. Fig dried with vitamin C-rich orange juice to eat together, more conducive to the body's absorption of iron in the vegetarian.

          2, constipation: prunes

          A new study found that twice a day, each time six plums (about 50 grams), ease the effect of constipation better than drugs. Plum is rich in sorbose, helps to increase stool humidity, with laxative effect.

          3, fatigue fatigue: red dates

          Fatigue, people love to eat sweets, low glycemic index of red dates is a good choice, will not lead to hyperglycemia. Red dates can be eaten with nuts to enhance satiety.

          4, high blood pressure: apricot dry

          Potassium content of apricots is three times that of bananas, and potassium has the effect of lowering blood pressure. A recent study by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that potassium intake is greater than sodium intake and helps prevent high blood pressure and heart disease.

          5, osteoporosis: raisins

          Rich in boron, raisins help reduce the risk of bone loss in postmenopausal women. Raisins can be eaten with calcium-rich yogurt, and then add boron-rich Pecan (pecan), the effect is better.

          6, cystitis: cranberry stem

          A US study found that eating two cranberries per day (42.5 grams), can reduce the urine of women with cystitis in patients with "adhesion." The key reason is that cranberry in the active substance procyanidins with anti-adhesion effect.

          The above is our description for you appropriate for the consumption of fruit dry fruit, these dried fruit is our usual daily food, nutrient-rich, different fruit stem for different diseases, but also has a good adjuvant therapy, we may wish to Their different physique and condition, choose their own dried fruit, enjoy the delicious at the same time, but also ease the disease, do both.

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