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          About Nutrition

          Where you are now:Home - About Nutrition - The nutrition of Palarich Crisps

          LMD seven advantages

          ◇Low temperature dehydration, nutritional and safe

          Compared with fried/air dried technologies, LMD product is healthier, less destruction of the nutrient, without any additives.

          Guaranteed quality with low temperature physical sterilization technology

          Compared with traditional process, which is high-temperature or fried sterilization, LMD technology ensure the product’s critical hygienic standards by low temperature physical sterilization.

          Short chains fiber, easy to absorb

          Unique cell wall-broken technology, breaking long chain of cellulose, makes fruit nutrition to be absorbed easier. Meanwhile, short chains fiber has higher nutrition value.

          Original taste,complete nutrition

          LMD technology maximizes to preserve the original fruit’s and vegetable’s vitamins, including trace elements, cellulose, anthocyanins, carotenoids, xanthophyll, oryzanol, sitosterol , rutin and biological activity substance and unique flavor.

          Pure fruit flavor, crunch feeling

          LMD technology concentrates original flavor of fresh fruit and vegetable.

          Retain nutrition

          As times goes, fresh fruit will lose nutrition gradually, fruit crisp retains nutrition when being dehydrated.

          Easy to take, easy to store

          Easy to take and easy to store. With longer shelf life, you can enjoy it on-the-go, at office or anywhere.

          Chocolate and LMD fruit & vegetable crisps

          Do you still think eating chocolate will be fat and tooth decay? Actually pure chocolate is nutritional food.

          It contains cocoa polyphenols and saturated fatty acid, which can lower cholesterol and is good for cardiovascular health. Also our natural dehydrated fruit crisps are healthy snacks, now we are happy to recommend our real fruit chocolate –strawberry crisps chocolate. Please share with your loved one.

          VC & minerals

          Vitamins and minerals are essential for daily diet. Our unique LMD fruit & vegetable chips can provide these essentials in an easier way.

          Palarich fruit & vegetable crisps, are non-fried, no additives, no preservatives, no artificial color, no artificial flavor, high fiber and low calorie. Meanwhile LMD fruit crisps can lock vitamin and mineral like magnesium, iron and etc. You see, with fruit crisps o easy to meet daily nutrients supplement.

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