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        1. 86-516-83303807  service@palarich.com

          About Nutrition

          Where you are now:Home - About Nutrition - The nutrition of fresh fruit &vegetables

          Nutrition values of fruit & vegetables

          Fruit & vegetables are necessary for everyone’s healthy daily diet which contains much moisture, lower protein and fat, a certain amount of carbohydrates, minerals, and certain vitamins, contain a variety of organic acids and dietary fiber. Fruit & vegetable can supply various nutrition elements which is foundation of daily needs.  Enjoy fruits and love life!

          From the farms to healthy snack food

          In Palarich, our concept is very simple: providing top-quality fruit crisps, make consumers enjoy natural fruit crisps with yummy taste at anytime in anywhere.

          We focus on process control from fresh fruit base to the final products, cooperating with farmers and suppliers closely and better help each other.

          We guarantee you from farm to table and each bag of fruit crisps are safe and healthy.

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