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        1. 86-516-83303807  service@palarich.com

          Our Vision

          Where you are now:Home - Customer Service - Healthy Life

          Make infinite close to a nature healthy life

          There is a pure tasty with sharing happiness, There is a health life because of Palarich fruit crisps. We deeply know that only follow the laws of nature, it can grasp the best taste of nature. The mid-spring strawberry, late- summer yellow peach, late autumn grape etc...all these can most represent the natural taste.  We collect these best on season and freeze-frame the gift of nature, bring it to your table with nutrition and colorful eating experience. 

          Palarich unique patented LMD dehydration technology, (low-temperature mixed drying technology), compared with traditional air drying or fried drying technology, LMD technology can maximize preserve the natural nutrition and original flavor, to bring you new eating experience of fruits. It is praised to be a breakthrough in the field of fruit dehydration industry.

          To consistently achieve the high quality products, Palarich Food maintains a tight focus on all process in the production chain, from selection the raw materials to final fruit crisps through precise and hygienic process. Meanwhile our laboratory is equipped with professional inspection instrument, QC team contributes to an effective production control. Palarich factory is certified with ISO 22000:2005 system, BRC and HACCP system. Trust the high quality and professional service.

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