travel journal - vancouver (day 4)

Whew, it's been a long time since I posted, but glad to be back!  Let's continue on with my Vancouver trip...

We started the last day of the trip with some Chinese food to accommodate my Mom and aunt.  After some research, I picked Hon's Wun-Tun House.

I had the Assorted Beef Noodle.  Wrong choice.  Beef was too chewy and wasn't the best thing to have for early morning.

Afterward, we drove to La Casa Gelato for an early morning dessert.

The place was pretty overwhelming with 200+ flavors available, I was having a tough time choosing.  Some of the more "interesting" flavors I saw were Rice, Garlic, Wasabi, Curry, Balsamic Vinegar...

Had a little taste of wasabi, couldn't take it as it was burning my nose.  So I chose a "safer" flavor, pistachio.

The rest of the day we went up to Grouse Mountain to take in some nature.  I'm not a very "nature" person and I much rather go hiking at a shopping mall than a mountain, but I have to admit I felt much more relaxed after visiting this place.

I was in awe with the wood carving artworks throughout the mountain.

Geeky tourist type of photo:

For lunch, we went to The Rusty Rail BBQ & Grill (opens June through September).  It was a whole new level having a juicy burger up on the mountain top with beautiful surroundings.

Bye-bye, Vancouver...  Hope to see you soon!