A Stylish Living According To... Paige Appel

paige appel, bash eco events ABOUT.

What's your name? Paige Anderson Appel

Where is your hometown? I grew up all over Texas, but no one town would I call home.

Where do you live now? Los Angeles!

paige appel, bash eco events


What do you currently do? Currently, event design and coordination. Soon to be organic goods shop owner. I also comb the city streets for foodie bites, often they include bacon.

What motivated you to start your own business? I don't like having a boss.

What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them? My biggest challenge was and is time management. I have a full life and a 5 year old son, which takes full priority. My work day ends at 3pm (or I try to make it end at 3pm) so that I can focus on family, friends, fun, relaxing. That is not always the case and I struggle with that.

What's next for your business? Hopefully more creative styling, more photo shoots, more weddings, and definitely the opening of my shop. Stay tuned for details on that! Curated organic finds housed in a raw, urbane space. I'm too giddy for words. I want to help people feel connected to a quality of life they deserve.

Who do you look up to in your industry and why? Bonnie Tsang cause she eats as much as I do and still looks like an 18 year old porcelain doll. (Did that sound vain?) Ha! In all seriousness, I look up to anyone with a generous soul, a good attitude, and an honest work ethic. Someone who forges their own path and doesn't worry about what others are doing. I check the blogs and magazines for inspiration, but I never compare myself to others. I just do my thing. I don't try to be someone else, cause that is a lonely place. Well, sometimes I try to be Sarah Jessica Parker in Girls Just Wanna Have Fun but that's a different story.

paige appel, bash eco events


Who do you share your greatest love with? The artist known as Kevin Appel. He has some mad cooking, painting, Scrabble, and love making skills. (oops, TMI)

What makes you happy? Road trips, room service, snowboarding, hiking, kisses from my son Rem, napping in the sun, my husband's smell, beautiful sunset with margaritas and friends, movie nights, crispy bacon, intellectual chatter, inspiring art, coconut oil lip balm, my hemp converse sneakers, and finding a really good boutique.

What makes you sad? Monsanto, air pollution and dumping trash in the ocean. I can't even imagine the world my grandkids will live in.

What's a perfect weekend? Friday night dinner with the family at Akasha followed by a loud, living room dance party with the kids. Kevin's special maple-butter glazed kamut pancakes on a lazy Saturday morning, then museum hopping, late afternoon picnic in the front yard, homemade ice cream making, friends over for game night. Sunday entails exploring other city neighborhoods happening upon good eats and new shops, early evening movie, followed by a dinner date and drinks with my one and only man. Then home to cuddle up and watch Mad Men repeats.

Who do you most admire? My father-in-law and my husband. Two of the most generous, honest, grounded men I know. Not to mention, the wisest blokes you will ever have a conversation with. I swear they would cut off their right arm if I needed a third one.


splurge: Kathy Rose Arrowhead necklace

gadget: iPhone

flower: Wildflowers and Astilbe, I also love heirloom wild roses.

book: Siddhartha, The Alchemist, I Shock Myself, The Corrections, White Noise, Ishmael.

paige appel, bash eco events

movie: Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Elizabeth, Queen Victoria. ( I have a thing for Brit period pieces) Also Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation, Inglorious Basterds, White Christmas, French Kiss, and Annie Hall.

singer/band: Band of Horses, Richard Ashcroft, Fruit Bats, Willie Nelson, MGMT, Beck, Carla Bruni, Coconut Records, and the soundtrack to High School Musical (don't judge people).

city: Boulder. New York. No, Boulder. Austin. New York.

hotel: Rosewood Mayakoba

store: Ethel, Turpan, Lost & Found, Roseark, Levi's, Esquivel, Community, Confederacy.

restaurant: Animal, Comme Ca, Bottega Louie, Wurstkuchee, Mercantile, Umami Burger, Akasha and Gjelina. And O! Burger for organic fast food.

drink: The Aviation with Creme de Violette.

dessert: Gjelina's Butterscotch Pot de Creme. Hands down the best dessert in town. I also like the maple bacon ice cream at Craft and the Guinness ice cream at Fraiche. Oh, and don't forget the Lemon Pousset at Huckleberry. Or the key lime pie at Thyme. (Damn, I get around)


shampoo: John Masters Organics Honey Shampoo

facial cleanser/moisturizer: Evan Healy Rose cleanser

soap: Chivas goat milk lavender soap

perfume: Rose oil or Strange Invisible Perfume

can't live without: lip gloss: Josie Maran Cosmetics in Optimism; deodorant: Nourish Organic

paige appel, bash eco events


signature style: eclectic-mod-classic-effortless. sometimes a bit earthy. usually with some kind of kid stain on it.

jeans: Levi's

tank/t-shirt: American Apparel

shoes: Toms, Camper boots, or linen Repetto ballet flats

paige appel, bash eco events

bag: Heather Heron hemp Aspen tote

skivvies: Loup Charmant frillies

jewelry: Sid Vintage

favorite accessory: Headband, bracelet or scarf.

*Thanks, Paige!  And special thanks to Kelly for her styling help.*  Stay tuned for my next guest.  ;)