{music} Local Natives

On a very rare occasion that I would listen to an entire album without skipping one song, but I did when Local Natives' debut album Gorilla Manor was playing in my car.  Starting from the song Wide Eyes down to Sticky Thread, every song captured me with the beat, the lyrics, the use of instruments, the vocals...  Highly recommend this album. Website: www.thelocalnatives.com //  MySpace: www.myspace.com/localnatives

*special thanks to my sister, Connie, who is with Filter Magazine, introduced me to these guys.

Who Knows Who Cares

I've been going down down into the river baby listen to the sound it's something only god knows you figure it out, I can't stay water's in the clouds is my life about to change? who knows, who cares

so we took a van down to colorado where we ran into the dead I took you by the hand know that even with your doubts, it's ok take into account that it's not about to change who knows, who cares

you could let it down jump into the river baby easy as it sounds it's never quite as easily done the current has us now, it's ok take into account that it's all about to change who knows, who cares

no one's been there but I don't care I know all have been there I don't care I know