A Stylish Living According To... Connie Tsang

About. What's your name? Connie Tsang

Where is your hometown? Technically Hong Kong, but I grew up in Southern California most of my life.

Where do you live now? my beloved Long Beach, California

Career. What do you currently do? Brand management for FILTER Creative Group/FILTER Magazine.

What's the best part about your career? Always having the opportunity to learn and tackle new things.  I never get bored and it keeps me on my toes!

What's the challenges you have? Expecting the unexpected.  No matter how organized I am and plan ahead with lists of thing to accomplish during the week, there are things that come up that you just can't foresee.

Who do you look up to in your industry and why? I'm exposed to so many people on a daily basis it's hard to single out just one person, but I look up to those who really love what they do (no matter how stressful it can get), put in the effort and take ownership of their work.  You can tell it's not just a "job" to them.

Inspirations. Who do you share your greatest love with? Does myself count?  To be honest, I don't know the answer to that question.

What makes you happy? Rare steak.  Sipping whiskey at the Queen Mary.  Driving alone.  Space heaters.  Dove chocolate.  Inside jokes.

What makes you sad? Conflict.  Misunderstandings.  Being blamed.  Being broken hearted.  Feeling helpless.

What's a perfect weekend? Sleeping in, staying in bed and watching High Fidelity on repeat while sipping on wine and nibbling on cheese (and taking naps in between).

Who do you most admire? I'd say my parents, but that's a given.  For this, I'll have to say my friend Beth.  She's the ultimate ass kicker.  No matter what life has thrown at her, good or bad, she has always been a trooper.  I think she's both realistic and optimistic; she's in tuned with her surroundings but is always able to see the good side of things.  She's also nurturing, a great cook, humorous and we both have the same taste in men (hello, ryan reynolds?!).

Favorites. splurge: It's nothing flashy nor extravagant but i splurged on a personal trainer.  It was a big investment on many levels and my trainer, jd, constantly kicked my ass, but he's such a great motivator in getting me fit and healthy and slowly changing my entire life.  It's worth every penny I've got!

gadget: my iPhone... for lack of a better option.

flower: I like the look of gerbera daisies and peruvian lilies, but I love the smell of jasmine the most.

book: American Psycho.  Like Water for Chocolate.

movie: High FidelityLife Aquatic with Steve ZissouAmerican PsychoThe Baxter.

singer/band: (so hard!) current: band of skullsdawesvia audiowhite rabbitslow vs diamondthe whigsholy fuck. forever: cakeryan adamsbadly drawn boyold 97'sband of horsesmadmdeftonesplacebo.

city: New York, of course.  Always a whole new and refreshing experience every time I go.

hotel: The Ace Hotel in Seattle.  The room I stayed in had a whole wall that revolved (which led you into the bathroom).  How awesome is that?!

store: Bobbie Boutique

restaurant: Pike Restaurant & Bar (long beach, ca.) // Balthazar (new york, ny) // Hungry Cat (los angeles, ca.) // Palate (glendale, ca.) // Sasabune (los angeles, ca.) // Tabento (costa mesa, ca.)

drink: whiskey neat.

dessert: bananas with evaporated milk.  banana milk shake.  cooked red bean with evaporated milk.  hot chocolate.

Beauty. shampoo: Sebastian Penetraitt

facial cleanser/moisturizer: I just use regular soap and water

soap: Dove, usually, although I'm liking the Trader Joe's lavender soap I recently purchased.

perfume: I haven't purchased one since CK ONE was popular in middle school.

Clothes. signature style: beatnik. rocker. nautical.

jeans: Diesel for life.

tank/t-shirt: Alternative Apparel

shoes: I love my Anthropologie boots and my yellow Diesel heels, but you can't beat a nice worn down pair of chucks.

*all images by Bonnie Tsang Photography, except the Filter Magazine covers. **and yes, Connie is my little sister!  ;)