{book} The ELLEments of Personal Style

Being your own individual person is important, believing in your choices is important, not to be swayed by other's influences is important.  Style is built upon your confident and confident is built by self-respect; no dress or necklace or shoes can create *your* style.  Style comes from within and this is the knowledge I received after reading the book.  Overall, I really enjoyed reading this book, the writing and the pictures are unpretentious, which I can relate to each subject matter.

Some statements I find inspiring -

Forward by Roberta Myers: Elle's mission was "open women's appetites" // Fashion - literally, that which is current - should always be subordinate to style, the very personal and profound message that a woman sends to the world about herself. // Style, of course, isn't merely expressed in the way a woman dresses; it's about everything, from the way she lives, to where she travels, to her taste in music, art, food, cars, technology. In short, life.

Lea Michele: "Rachel just needs her stage," Michele says. "When I was younger, I was outgoing and open and loud, like her. Now, I guess I'm able to let that out on the stage, so in real life I toned down a little bit."

Erin Wasson: "You should embrace exactly who you are and exactly where you're from. Have your own perspective."

Tracee Ellis Ross: "I'm not big on fashion," she says. "I'm big on style. I compare the difference to that between religion and spirituality."


Special thanks to Penguin Group for sending this lovely book for me to review!

Book: The ELLEments of Personal Style

Authors: Joe Zee and Maggie Bullock

*above images by bonnie tsang