{b tries to cook} Nutella Hot Cocoa

*Recipe adapted from this post written by my friend, Bonnie (yes, she's the bonnie that can cook).

So... here's what happened while I tried the recipe:

1. Recipe says "1 1/2 cup milk".  My math is so bad that it is plain bad, so I looked at all the cups and all the numbers and settled for "1 Cup", then poured two of that into the saucepan.  Are you following me?  LOL.

2. Recipe says "3 tablespoons" of cocoa, I grabbed the "1 Cup" again.  Need I say more?  :P

3. Realized I have NO peanut butter at home right when the hot cocoa was broiling.  Duh.

4. My original idea was to melt the nutella and drizzled it over the whipped cream.  Yeah..... didn't work at all.  Nutella wasn't melting!  So I dumped all the gooeyness of nutella into the hot cocoa.

Whew... so there it is.  Tasted pretty good, thank goodness!  And me being me, I sprinkled some sea salt over the whipped cream and it's mmm...mmm... good!  ;D