{Christmas Gifts} To Give & To Receive

Sarah Klassen from Haute Design

To Give: I love giving little gifts to family and close friends—something that they will love. But, I am most looking forward to giving my abundance of handbags and clothing to those in need. Many of these pieces have been gifted to me, still have the tags on, and others are gently used. I have far more than I could ever use and enjoy. There are so many women in need, who flee from a terrible situation, and often seek refuge at a women’s shelter. So many arrive with literally nothing apart from themselves, and often, children. It makes me so sad to think of their situations. I love fashion, and to purchase beautiful things, but I believe that it is important to appreciate all you have, and to give back whenever possible, even if it is something as small and simple as some clothing and handbags.

To Receive: I would love a set of curlers—truly. I love a loosely curled hairstyle and to save much time, would love a nice set of curlers, so that I can continue to do other things while my hair is preparing.

*images top right and bottom via Gemma Booth / image top left via Wilfred