Me + Miss V: ACE Hotel at Palm Springs, CA.

It was one of those cold and rainy days in Los Angeles, which gave Miss V and I a perfect excuse to spend a day at ACE Hotel in Palm Springs.  We love it there because everyone is so down-to-earth and super sweet - from the staff to the hotel guests.  We go there so much that the staff started to greet us with "Hey, nice to have you back!  How's school?"  As usual, we'd arrive around brunch time to have a nice meal at King's Highway (inside ACE) and we always order the same things - Watermelon Salad, Fries and Mac-N-Cheese.  After that, we'd pretty much spend the rest of the day by the pool, soaking in lots of sun and drinking lemonade (best ever, in my opinion).  The pursuit of pleasure is just that simple.  :)