{b tries to cook} Hot Chocolate Milkshake

The idea pretty much came from my last experience with hot cocoa.  I wanted milkshake to go with my sliders (no, I didn't make the sliders, Jack-In-The-Box did and they were really good!), but with the cold weather I wanted something warm too.  So here's how I made the drink:

. My measuring skill was a disaster last time, so this time I just grabbed the drinking cup, poured the milk to a desire level, then put the milk into the saucepan over on medium heat.

. Add 2 tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa when milk is hot, but not boiled; keep stirring until cocoa is dissolved.

. Instead of sugar, I added a scoop of ice cream to the hot cocoa (still on stove, over low heat).  You can use any ice cream, I used Dreyer's Cappuccino Chip.

. Put about 1 or 2 scoops (depends on how thick you want your shake to be) of ice cream into the blender, then pour the hot cocoa in.  Be sure to press on the lid tightly when you start blending, it'll "explode" due to the heat.

. Add some whipped cream and you're done.  I sprinkled some dark roasted ground coffee over too, yum!