{Christmas Gifts} To Give & To Receive

Sara from Lost Bird Found

To Give: We decided when we had Henry that on Christmas and on Birthdays he would get a one really special gift from the both of us instead of piles and piles of garbage noise toys that we noticed a lot of other kids were getting. For his birthday we got him pink drum set which he talked about for a long time and made sure of. We are not super gender specific people when it comes to our kids. Henry got called a girl all through the Bible Belt on our cross country trip when he was wearing a purple butterfly shirt. Little R loves dolls and making up stories and Henry just likes animals, figures and houses. We thought that this dollhouse made by Plan Toys (available soon at SITE) would look great in our house (this matters) and would encourage them to imagine even more together.

To Receive: Little R. I wish that I could say her name to everyone, I wish that I could show her face to everyone. But I cant, not yet. Not until she is really truly and legally ours. My heart just explodes when I think about how perfect she is for us. We won't know until April 4th but here is my Christmas wish, my New Year's resolution all at once. Her. We want to keep her.

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