{Christmas Gifts} To Give & To Receive

Audrey from Urbanic Paper Boutique

To Give: Kate Spade 'ticker tape' mugs - Mugs are great gifts. I have 2 favorite mugs that I've been given that I adore and am extremely protective of.  Something about them being just for me and no-one else in the house makes it a personal experience using them.  Many of my friends are working ladies as well and start the morning off with a cup of something hot.  Using this cheerful mug is the surely a perfect way to kick start a day.

To Receive: Max Wanger 'fly away' print - We just moved into a new place and the living room walls are painted with a zen kind of grey.  This print would go PERFECTLY with the color and pretty much everything we own.  It's the type of print you can just get lost in for a while.