{Christmas Gifts} To Give & To Receive

Lauryl Lane, Botanical Stylist

To Give: A music room. My husband is a musician. When I first met him, he was the lead singer in a band and wrote most of his band's music. When we lived in the midwest, where square footage is more readily available (and a whole lot less expensive!), my husband had a music room in our spare bedroom. Here in Los Angeles, we simply don't have the space, so all of his music equipment is in storage. Music is such an integral part of our lives and being able to make music is something that makes my husband incredibly happy. I would love to give him a beautiful music room!  *image credit

To Receive: MAID SERVICE! I am too busy to keep my place as sparkling clean as I would like for it to be. If I could have someone come in once a week and run my accumulated loads of laundry, dust and vacuum and mop, scrub the bathroom and generally make it look as if I don't work the world's most insane hours and neglect my housekeeping... that would be grand!