Me + Miss V: San Francisco, CA.

I was hired for a 2-hour job in San Francisco last month and decided to take Miss V with me.  We took the earliest flight, so we could have as many activities as possible.  And we arrived to SF just in time to see the sunrise.  Unfortunately, the little one was knocked out on our way to breakfast.

First stop, Brenda's French Soul Food.  I HAVE to stop by this place every time I'm in SF, I just love love love their Crawfish Beignets - SO GOOD!

After breakfast, Miss V insisted on going to the hotel already and it was only 8am!  Thankfully, The Good Hotel had a room ready for us.

After we freshened up and Miss V organized her clothes, our tummies were ready for more food.  We headed to The Sycamore JUST for their Pork Belly Donuts.  Wow, they were really good - sweet, salty, chewy, fatty...  Even Miss V had to steal one from me.

Since this trip needed to be kid-friendly, I had to find places that are fun for both of us and luckily (very lucky) I found Seesaw Cafe.  Miss V and I instantly fell in love as we stepped into the cafe.  It is a cafe for the adults and a play studio for the little ones.  Better yet, they have "side-kick" sitters to play and read stories with your kids while you sip your coffee or tea AND work on your laptop.  We stayed for hours, Miss V didn't want to leave and I was too happy eating those yummy gluten-free critters.  I thought I went to heaven.  ;)

Had few hours to spare before work, so we decided to stop by Academy of Sciences.  Our SF ritual is to have La Boulange cream puffs outside of the museum, it's just nice to relax a bit before some "education".

The next day was all about eating.  We got up early, checked out and headed to North Beach area.  We originally planned to have breakfast at Mama's, but the line was crazy long!  So we changed our plan and went to DeLise Dessert Café instead (original plan was to have desserts there after breakfast).

I was looking forward to my visit of DeLise after reading their desserts menu the night before we flew in.  We were greeted by Dennis and Catherine Eloise, owners of the cafe, as soon as we walked in.  My main purpose there was to try their desserts, so I picked a simple breakfast to start - toasted bagel with butter, Fleur de Sel and black pepper, which turned out to be really good!  Another purpose was to try their Peking Duck scone and am so happy I did.  I'd buy a dozen home if I could!  As for desserts, I wanted to try everything, but Miss V whispered into my ears, "choose wisely..."  Ok, so I picked a scoop of Red Blossom Jasmine and a scoop of Toasted Rice ice cream - both were really refreshing and really good.  Miss V had a great time, she even made some cute drawings for the owners to keep.

We needed to do some walking after two hours of sweets, so we went to Chinatown for our favorite fortune cookie factory.  After that, it was lunch time at Naked Lunch.

Thanks to the gps on iPhone, it led me to some crazy narrow alley which was so steep that I was so afraid to go higher, but even scarier to go downhill backward.  Of course, I've got to take a picture before figuring out what to do!  Ha.  :P

We didn't stay too long at Naked Lunch, Miss V was getting impatient and wanted to return to Seesaw Cafe before we left.  So I quickly ordered, took a few bites of the sandwich (it was really good, by the way) and left, all within 30 minutes.  Of course, thanks to the iPad for keeping the princess entertained.  :P

Thanks so much, San Francisco, for a fun time!  But no thanks for delayed flight.  :(

*All images are photographed by me with an iPhone or a Canon 5D.