Me + Miss V: Travel to Portland, OR.

This trip was a special one.  We didn't have any plan for sightseeing because the main point was to see Sally and the boys.  So prepare yourself with loads of cuteness (yes, Sally and I think our kids are pretty darn cute) and very little of "tourist attractions".

Day 1 was easy going.  We arrived to PDX, picked up the boys from school (super cute when the little ones hugged each other), ate/chatted/played/ate some more at their house, then ended the evening with just Sally and I at the restaurant eating + talking until way passed their closing time.  *side note: I didn't bring my camera to the restaurant because giving my friend undivided attention was far more important.

Brothers and sister!

I woke up early the next day and saw this from my bedroom window.

The little ones quietly sneaked into my room and were reading storybooks on ipad together.

Kids were playing while Sally and her husband made breakfast.

After breakfast, we were ready to head out for lunch.

Little j was such a gentleman for holding the umbrella.

We had burger and fries at Little Big Burger.

Had the best time hanging out at Ace Hotel.

Sally and her boys are so cute!

After we took the little ones home, Sally and I met up with Joke for dinner at Toro Bravo.

Day 3 was a bittersweet day.  The little ones had fun painting in the morning before we headed out to Ristretto Roasters for coffee + milk and Tasty n Sons for brunch, then we stopped by Ace Hotel one more time for more photobooth time before we had to say 'good-bye'.

See the cute little feature on Ace Hotel's blog!

Sally, thank you for everything!  Miss V and I miss you and the boys a lot!  xoxo

*Images are photographed by Bonnie Tsang