[TRAVEL] Portland, OR - day 1

Portland, OR., is becoming my second home.  I love its calmness, its laid-back attitude, the weather (surprisingly, being a California girl most of my life) and the food scene.  The food... ah, yes...  Most importantly (and the very reason why I'm there), two of my very good friends are there - Joke and Sally.  They are both great moms, both are very creative and both have such big open hearts that allow me be who I am.  All three of us connected naturally as if we've been friends forever; so is our kids.  Twice already (see my last pdx journal), after my return from Portland I'd feel renew and energized, but with a much calmer soul.

For this trip, I took Miss V and my parents with me, so we did more sightseeing then last time.  It was a fun experience as my parents are foodie + my dad is a photographer as well, love being able to share something with them.

:: Day One ::

We arrived in the afternoon.  First place we went to was Grüner Restaurant.  Unfortunately, we got there right when lunch was over, so we ordered some small eats from their Happy Hour menu.  Food was great, service was wonderful.  Miss V's grilled cheese sandwich was too spicy for her cause of the mustard, so our server had the kitchen make a new one right right away.  I was bummed at first when they didn't serve their famous donuts during happy hour, but luckily we stayed long enough that dinner was just starting, so we got to have some... Wow... best donuts we've ever had!  Alder & Co. was next door, so we stopped by for a quick visit.

Grüner Restaurant 527 SW 12th Avenue Portland, OR 97205 (503) 241-7163

Alder & Co. 537 SW 12th Avenue Portland, OR 97205 (503) 224-1647

*note: Please kindly request permission before using any of the images with the children seen here (including sites like Pinterest).  My friends and I would like to protect our children's pictures from circulating around the net.  Thank you!

Stay tune for Day 2...

All images were photographed by bonnie tsang