[TRAVEL] Portland, OR - day 3

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Last day of the trip, we started with breakfast in tapas style at Navarre - a small restaurant serving up dishes based in italian, french and spanish origin.  Their menu reminded me of test answer sheet from high school; only thing is I wanted to mark, "Yes, I want" in everything.  Bread with sea salt butter was great / foie gras on cumin toast, yum / crab cake benedict, my mom loved it / brussels sprouts with apples, I wanted more.

After a hearty breakfast, we stopped by my current favorite coffee roaster, Ristretto Roaster, for bags and bags of Cowboy Blend and their always-sold-out donuts.  Then we took a leisure walk to shops like Pistils Nursery, The Meadow, Missing Link Toys...  To refill our energy, we made a pit stop to Ken's Artisan Bakery and picked up a box of macarons - pecan w/ butterscotch buttercream, chocolate, chocolate spice & orange ginger.

To continue our Ace Hotel photobooth photos tradition (one of our pics even made it to Ace's blog!), we spent the rest of the afternoon at the hotel enjoying Stumptown coffee, hot chocolate, pastries from Ken's and fun in photobooth.

For dinner, Sally took us to Pok Pok Restaurant for some Thai cuisine.  Wow, not exaggerating, but that was one of the best Thai food I've ever had.  Either we were all in such good mood or the kids were dancing along with the music or our server was so friendly... Doesn't matter, everything was really good!  Lemon Vinegar drink was interesting / the salad, the ribs and the chicken wings were flavorful / Pok Pok Affogato (condensed milk ice cream w/ a shot of Vietnamese coffee) sent me to la-la-land.

The next day we had a crazy early morning flight, but we still ended the evening with making arts and eating ice cream.

Thank you, Sally, Joke and the boys for giving us another wonderful weekend!  We miss you guys and can't wait to hang out again soon!  xoxo

Navarre 10 Northeast 28th Avenue Portland, OR 97232 (503) 232-3555

Ristretto Roaster 3808 N Williams Ave Portland, OR 97227 (503) 288-8667

Pistils Nursery 3811 N Mississippi Ave Portland, OR 97227 (503) 288-4889

The Meadow 3731 N Mississippi Portland, OR 97255 (888) 388-4683

Missing Link Toys 3824 N Mississippi Ave Portland, OR 97217 (503) 235-0032

Ken's Artisan Bakery 338 NW 21st Ave Portland, OR 97209 (503) 248-2202

Ace Hotel Portland 1022 Southwest Stark Street Portland, OR 97205 (503) 228-2277

Pok Pok Restaurant 3226 SE Division Street Portland, OR 97202 (503) 232-1387

*note: Please kindly request permission before using any of the images with the children seen here (including sites like Pinterest).  My friends and I would like to protect our children’s pictures from circulating around the net.  Thank you!

All images were photographed by bonnie tsang