This Past Weekend

Saturday morning, Miss V and I went to Tavern for breakfast before I dropped her off to her dad's.  Afterward, I enjoyed a good one-hour of Blended Orange and magazine read at Coral Tree Cafe.  With friends' suggestion, I planned to check out Artisanal LA, but at the end decided not to knowing how crowded it'd be, so I opted for a whole day of Getty Center- art, architecture and sunlight.  Weather was so super hot, closed to 90°, but I loved it!  I even sat down for a hotdog and read a book under the sun.  In the evening after I picked Miss V up we wanted ice cream, so we stopped by Sweet Rose Creamery (I had the green pea & mint, SO good!).

On Sunday, I met with my friend Brenda for breakfast at Gjelina.  We ordered so much and were delighted by their Bloody Beer!  It was fun catching up and had some heartfelt talk with her.  After we parted, I made a stop at Lindy & Grundy to pick up some meat, cheese and pork rillette.  It was very nice to meet Amelia and Erika, both friendly and knowledgeable.  Coffee Commissary is just next door, so I walked in and asked for something refreshing.  Barista there was happy to introduce me an iced latte with cinnamon; she said, "it's SO good."  I wasn't so sure at first, but I took a sip and found myself said excitedly, "this is SO good!"

*all images by bonnie tsang using the iPhone