[TRAVEL] Portland with Friends - Day 1

This trip was a lot of fun - two full days with Bri and Joy, then four more days with Joke and Sally.

On the first day, Bri, Miss V and I arrived earlier, so we stopped by The Cameo Coffee Shop for breakfast.  We ordered some pancakes, hash browns and biscuits & gravy - total comfort food.  Afterward, we drove around the neighborhood.  Bri spotted Rerun, a vintage store with lots of nick-nacks, and we spent a good hour there.  Finally lunch time came and we picked Joy up from the airport.  We first stopped by the Ace Hotel, Miss V had a cup of warm chocolate milk and chocolate chip cookie from Stumptown.  For lunch, we went to Grüner (their doughnuts are a must!), then went back to the hotel to rest.  By evening, we met up with Joke and Sally at Pok Pok for dinner; Grace also joined us for a bit.  We had a full table of street style Thai food, especially love their wings!  To complete dinner, we walked across the street for desserts at Pie Spot.  Happy bellies.

All images by Bonnie Tsang