[GUEST POST] Prepare for Hibernation // Sally J. Shim

Guest: Sally J Shim Blog: www.sallyjshim.com/blog and www.shimandsons.com Business: SHIM + SONS

As my family prepares for our to Korea in a few weeks I am looking forward to settling in to our new home and hibernating for the rest of 2011. My idea of hibernation involves creating a warm and cozy home life filled with family, (good) food and fun. I love being surrounded by beautiful little details like a handmade scarf or woven blanket. Since my boys and I enjoy crafting and making things with our hands a simple project is always a fun way to relax and spend time together. And the only other thing that can make hibernation more wonderful is a home cooked meal by my husband along with some delicious artisan treats.

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