[Guest Post] Prepare for Hibernation // Elizabeth Antonia

Guest: Elizabeth Antonia Blog: The Littlest

Hibernating is such an attractive idea. can you imagine how great you would look after a few months of sweet, deep sleep? The thought of lounging about reading books until the first shoots of spring pop up fill me with unimaginable joy. since that probably won't happen and i would definitely miss hanging about our cozy home with my husband and daughter, I'd settle for a weekend getaway. the first thing I'd do is book a massage and a room at the parker - I can't imagine a more quiet, peaceful place to pass a day or two.

I'd pack my bag with this hibernation kit: kusmi tea and brown sugar gingerspice cookies from whimsy and spice coté bastide ambre crystal potpourri loup charmant bloomers and night shirt or louis vuitton pajamas fresh sake bath for my last bubble bath before settling down for my long winter's sleep. good night!

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