Random Thoughts // We Are Stronger Than We Think

Someone once told me this: At the circus, a baby elephant is chained around its leg and the other end of the chain is tied to a metal stake on the ground. The chain and peg are strong enough for the baby elephant.  As the baby elephant grows bigger and becomes an adult, it still believes that a simple chain and peg can stop him from running.  Even though, the truth is, the elephant is strong enough to break and run free from the chain. This story taught me a lot - how we chain ourselves to our parent's believes, our own believes, and even other people's believes.  I recently read a book of an author's memoir about an Italy road trip he did.  It fascinated me!  But someone said to me, "Don't even think about it, you have a kid now and there's no way you can do such a thing."  Now, I can either believe in what that person said and give up the thought or I can believe in myself that, even with a kid, I can do it.

The story is also a great reminder to myself, as a parent, that what I believe in doesn't necessarily has to be my daughter's.  Other than teaching her right or wrong, I do my best to let her explore and experience life the way she wants.  I wish she can always stay true to herself as she's growing up.

*image source: by Bonnie Tsang with iPhone and Instagram