Breakfast with Heather Taylor

"On a normal day I wake up around 6AM, make some coffee and do a bit of computer work before getting ready for my morning workout - either yoga, spinning or a hike. Being active centers me and prepares me for a long work day. If I don't have an early meeting, I come home after exercising and make breakfast. Usually it's a hard boiled egg with avocado toast or a fried egg with a tortilla and salsa. If I'm in the mood for something lighter, I'll make a smoothie - either a Date Shake or a Kale Coconut smoothie. Right now, our blueberry plants are producing a lot of fruit so I've been picking fresh berries from my garden every morning. On my favorite days I get to cook breakfast for my husband and we sit outside reading the paper and enjoying the sunshine." - Heather

Heather Taylor is Co-owner and Director of art gallery, Taylor De Cordoba, and author of blog, LA In Bloom.