One Fine Day

one fine day

About two or three years ago, I made a point to always make time for myself.  It was difficult in the beginning because 1) the society has conditioned us to think that if we're not busy then we're lazy, 2) I'm a workaholic and 3) I didn't know what to do with myself.  At first, I'd take short breaks - leave the desk for lunch, stop by a bookstore or 30 minutes walk by the beach...  Now I just pick a day or two out of the week and not work.  I'll be honest, even typing this makes me feel guilty.  What would my clients think?!  However, I learn to let that negative feeling go fairly quickly because I know, in the end, the break from work will be beneficial to me personally and professionally.  It's good to go out, get some fresh air, see some friends, talk about things that bother you, hear different perspectives and feel energized again.  I often tell myself this: Even superheroes feel defeated and need to rest sometimes.

image source: Bonnie Tsang's Instagram