I really truly appreciate and love the friends that are in my life right now - some old and some new ones.  Recently, with a chance of (or perhaps it was finally time) releasing an old resentment that took up large part of my inner world, I found myself wide open for new knowledge, discoveries and love.  I can't even explain all the magical things that have been happening to me.  Most importantly, through all that, I have a group of friends that allow me to question, to share and to discuss from career to everything spiritual.

Often times, people would ask how I become friends with such amazing group of people.  I never really have a clear answer for it, but I am a true believer of being genuine with good intention, have faith, just let things happen naturally and the right people will come along.  We are close because we value the idea of helping and supporting each other more than anything and that's important in order to grow together.

I hope you have a group of friends that are there to support you too!

*image source: my Instagram