Golden Coast Glamour


*This post was sponsored by St. John. All opinions and thoughts about the brand are my own.

As a mom and a business woman, I like to dress simple, yet sophisticated. St. John Knits effortless and refined style parallels with mine. The luxury brand, which is based in California, is known for its commitment to quality. The wool, in-house dyeing and hand sewn embellishments are all in highest quality. For me, I enjoy living a high quality life playing different roles everyday - I'm a photographer, an entrepreneur, a daughter, a friend... It's important for me to dress for the part and St. John Knits helps me achieve that.

 Bonnie Tsang wearing St. John Knits

As a photographer, I usually dress real casual when I'm on the job. However, when I'm having lunch meeting with a client, I like to dress sophisticated with my St. John Knits jacket.

 Bonnie Tsang wearing St. John Knits

I have a busy schedule, but I'll always make time for coffee with a friend for some meaningful conversations.  Wearing my St. John Knits cardigan and pair with navy shell and white jeans.

 Bonnie Tsang is wearing St. John Knits

Celebrating after a year of hard work.  I put on something shimmering from St. John Knits and look forward to the holiday party with the people I love.


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