Everypost App


Over the past weekend, I thought to myself, "How nice it'd be to have an app that'll post messages and pictures to all of the social media platforms at once, so I don't have to do it multiple times."  I quickly did a search, found Everypost, tried it out few times and now I have to tell everyone about it. 

I like that the app is simple to use (it took me just few minutes to get the hang of it) and, of course, saved me so much time.  I also like that I get to choose to post either on my personal facebook page or business page or both.  I recently started posting more on Google+ too, which according to the app there might be issue with syncing the two together, but that also took me just a minute to fix (see explanation here).

If you're on almost all of most popular social media platforms like I do, definitely check this app out.